He Has Risen Indeed

Happy Easter, Praying Friends,

Two great theologians. Johnny Hart and A.W. Tozer.

“If man had his way, the plan of redemption would be an endless and bloody conflict. In reality, salvation was bought not by Jesus’ fist, but by His nail-pierced hands; not by muscle but by love; not by vengeance but by forgiveness; not by force but by sacrifice. Jesus Christ our Lord surrendered in order that He might win; He destroyed His enemies by dying for them and conquered death by allowing death to conquer Him.”
― A.W. Tozer

Easter is always a great time here at RVA. At 6:15 in the morning we have an Easter sunrise service. This year I woke up when I heard singing from down the way at about 6:45. Oops. 10:30 most of the community gets together for a large pot luck Easter brunch. I fried up 1.5 kg of breakfast sausages to take to the meal, I put them on the table and they were gone long before I made it back to them through the line.

Easter potluck brunch

At 11:30 we have an Easter egg hunt for the kids. I’m guessing there were 1,500 eggs hidden for about 50 kids. Then it’s football all afternoon. Hopefully Manchester United will win this afternoon. (Edit. Ouch, they were hammered 4-0. Oh well.) This evening for supper, there are 6 families getting together for an Easter supper. There should be about 25 of us, including the kids. It’s great to celebrate Jesus resurrection with friends.

I thought I’d better write today, as this coming week is going to be a busy one. I have 3 interviews at three different schools this week, Tuesday a school in California, Wednesday a second interview for a school just outside of Philadelphia (I had a first interview last week, so I’m on to the second interview), then on Thursday an interview with a school in North Carolina.

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday we also have inservice as an RVA staff. While I would say something about this being my 60th and last inservice here at RVA, I do know that wherever I end up next year, I know that there will be inservices there as well, so I’m not done with those kinds of meetings yet, just done with the RVA ones.

Friday we get a break as staff, and a last trip into Nairobi to do some last minute stock up shopping. The chances are high that I’ll also take in the new Avenger’s movie on Friday, just because. Then Saturday most of the students arrive for the new school term.

This coming week is also week 6 of my 7 week masters course, and finishing up my first semester of the masters program. These first two classes were all about lesson planning and curriculum development, stuff I already knew pretty much about, so they weren’t that difficult. This next course, starting the middle of May is a class called School Law, which I know absolutely nothing about (except the Supreme Court in the US says students don’t have an expectation of privacy in their school lockers so schools can check them whenever they want to), so while that means it will be a bit more work, it will be fun to learn something brand new.

Well I guess that’s about it for today. I trust you and yours will have a blessed Easter, celebrating the empty tomb that makes all life worth living.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that the rains come. Kenya is entering it’s worst drought in over 30 years. Many people in the community around us rely on their gardens for food, and right now there is nothing in the gardens. Last year at this time we’d already had a good month of rain, this year, the grass is still brown. Yesterday there was a bit of rain north of us and south of us, but it missed us completely.
  2. Pray for the students coming at the end of the week. For some of the Seniors who live far away from RVA, they won’t be going back home during our mid-term break, and will be going directly back to their passport countries after graduation, so some of them are saying “goodbye” to their homes for the last time.
  3. Continue to pray for a job for next year for me. I’d love to know where I’ll be settling next year. God knows, it would just make me feel nice if he’d let me in on the secret. 🙂
Easter Blessings