My Ministry

Well since this web site is suppose to let you know about me, I guess I should put something in here about me.


My main teaching responsibilities for the past couple of years has been in Jr. High Bible. Bible is a lot of fun to teach in Kenya because of the heavy Arab influence in the country. Many of the cultural aspects that are found in the Bible are mimicked even today in our modern society of Kenya. It’s exciting to see God becoming a part of the kids lives. The last three years I’ve also been teaching 7th grade Math. I’ve also been asked to be the Jr. High coordinator for the school. It’s not really an administrative position, since I’m not on Admin Council, but I get to be the go between for the Jr. High and Admin. I also get to cast some vision for the Jr. High program. It’s a lot of fun.


In addition to my teaching assignments at RVA, I’m also in charge of Junior High ROCK. ROCK is our Sunday evening youth group program and the name ROCK stands for Representatives Of Christ the King. We actually have about 20 juniors and seniors who join us for ROCK as our counselors. The counselors each have a small group of Junior High kids that they work with for the year. Last year we had a great group of counselors, which always makes my job easier. There several other staff members who are also working with ROCK.

Junior High Soccer

Another one of my responsibilities is that I am in charge of the Junior High soccer program. First term (September-November) I have boys soccer, second term (January-March) I have girls soccer.

We start out with about 6 weeks of an intramural program where everyone who comes out gets to play. We then have about 6 weeks of all-star soccer. The all-star soccer is the team that plays our rival schools, International School of Kenya (ISK), Rosslyn Academy, and West Nairobi School.


Being a class sponsor involves working closely with the kids to organize and run various class activities, like class parties and class nights. Once the kids get into the upper grades, fundraising becomes part of being a sponsor, with the kids doing video sales, valentine sales, and Sophomore restaurant. The two big events for sponsors is the Junior/Senior banquet and Senior store. Most of the fundraising in the lower grades goes to pay for banquet, while Senior store funds go towards the senior trip, Senior Safari, a week down at the coast before graduation. It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of work.  I’ve been a class sponsor for my whole time here at RVA, first with the class of 2004, then 2011, followed by 2017, and right now I’m a sponsor for the Class of 2023.

Future Plans

Unfortunately my time on the mission field is coming to an end.  After 20 years teaching here at RVA, it’s now time for me to return to the United States.  I’m currently looking for a teaching position in a private school somewhere in the US.  I’m also currently working on a MS in Educational Leadership and Administration.   I’d love to get into school administration wherever I end up landing next school year.  Please pray that a position becomes available that will be a good fit for me.