Rift Valley Academy

Rift Valley Academy (RVA) is an international boarding school snuggled in mountain forests overlooking Kenya’s awe-inspiring Great Rift Valley. Serving missionaries, nationals, and diplomats through much of East Africa, RVA is one of the largest mission boarding schools in the world.

RVA, Africa’s largest American Christian school, stands 7,500 feet above Kenya’s great Rift Valley and one hour north of the modern city of Nairobi. The academy, which has almost 500 students, serves grades 1-12. Because it is an American school, our students receive the same type of education that any school in the United States would offer, science, math, English, social studies foreign languages, art, etc.

The school year is divided into 3 terms. First term runs September through November. Second term from January through March, and third term is May through the middle of July.

RVA is the home of the Buffalo’s, our school mascot. Sports include guys soccer and girls basketball first term. Second term is girls soccer and field hockey, guys basketball. Third term is guys and girls volleyball and guys rugby.

Because it is also a boarding school, RVA has some unique challenges. The students are here on campus 24 hours a day 7 days a week during term, so things like meals in the dining hall have to be prepared, laundry services, and of course, dorms need to be provided for the kids. It can be quite hard on elementary school kids to be gone from their parents for that length of time, so it is important that we as staff act as parents for these kids, as well as making sure that they do get to be with their parents as much as possible.

Along with all the things needed to run a school, we also need to be concerned with the social aspect of our students. To this end, the school provides weekend activities such as video nights, various class activities, drama’s, dorm parties, etc. At left Student Center kids can buy soda’s and candy and just hang out.

Of course we cannot forget the spiritual aspect of our students lives. RVA is foremost a Christian school, and as a result, we seek to integrate Christianity into everything we do as a school, from academics to social activities. RVA has chapel services each school day, runs its own church services on Sunday mornings, and has many opportunities for students to be involved in activities that spread the message of salvation to others.

Ministries that RVA students can be involved in include Junior High ROCK, (our Youth Group program for 7th and 8th grades), Sunday Night Live (SNL) for 9 through 12, Outreach, teaching Sunday School to Titchies, (our elementary students), going to Bethany Crippled Children’s Home on lower station, and teaching Sunday School at the orphanage in Mai Maihu among many others.

There’s a lot more I could tell you about RVA, especially things I haven’t even thought about telling you, so if you have any questions about RVA why not send me an e-mail at daniel.e.dixon@outlook.com and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.