Almost The End of Term 2

Greetings Praying Friends,

Well it’s almost the end of 2nd term here at RVA. Just a week and a half left before we get a bit of a break. A lot of fun things happened this term.

I’ve finished my first class on my Masters program, got a 98.71%, so could have done better, but not by much. This week is the first week of class 2. A praise relating to the program, I requested advanced standing for 6 hours of Bible class requirement that I thought since I already have a MAR I probably wouldn’t need. And it was granted, so in 6 weeks I should have 12 of the 39 credits complete. It’s coming along.

Praying as a team before the game. Mt. Longonot in the background.

This term I coached U14 girls football. We had a great season of learning the game. Some of the girls have played before, some have never played. I love teaching the game of football. In our final home 7-a-side tournament, we lost to ISK in overtime of the finals. So close.

2nd place finish. Well done ladies.

As you can see by the “grass” on the field, a big prayer request right now is for rain. January-March is usually the dry season, and this year it’s been particularly hot and dry. Pray that the rains will come in April so that the people around Kijabe who rely on their gardens for their food.

One of the cool things I was able to do this term was to represent my Dad at Moffat Bible College down on lower station. Mom and Dad spent many years at Moffat, both as a teacher and as an administrator. This year Moffat built (refurbished) a new library, and decided to name the library after Dad.

Since Dad wasn’t able to come out to be a part of the day, Moffat asked if I could come down and speak on behalf of him. So I got to take the day off from RVA and participate in the dedication of the new library. Congratulations, Dad, and thank you so much for many years of service to the church here in Africa.

I know, I’m wearing a tie. At least I didn’t have to wear a robe like the bishops.

Update on the job search for next year. Nothing yet. I’ve sent out applications to about 15 different schools right now, some for teaching positions, some for administration positions. I’ve never had to do a job search before, so it’s all a bit new. I had assumed that if I sent an application, resume, cover letter, video, etc., the school would at least send me an e-mail acknowledging that they at least received it. But only 2 schools wrote back that they got my stuff. It’s a bit disheartening, however I’m hearing from others in the same boat that it’s actually pretty normal. They get your stuff, look it over, if they aren’t interested or don’t have anything, they dispose of it. If they are interested, then they’ll contact me.

And, you may have noticed that my blog is a bit different. After 10 years of hosting prayer letters for missionaries, will be shutting down by the end of the year. I decided it might be a good idea to move the blog here to this new site on WordPress with a new address. I was able to import all my past prayer letters, so they all should be there, but they might not quite look the same. Feel free to look through the previous prayer letters if you want. This site is a bit different, so it’s taking me a bit of time to get use to it. This new site’s address is I believe aimsites will set up something called a redirect, so if you type in the aimsites address, you’ll end up coming right here, at least for a while. But, feel free to bookmark it and check back every once in a while when I send out new prayer letters.

Here’s a couple of prayer requests to lift before the throne.

  1. Pray for rain. The people in the community around us really do need the rain.
  2. Pray as I continue to do my teaching and be a student at the same time.
  3. Pray for a teaching or administrative position for me for next school year.