The Plagues of Egy . . .RVA!!!

What can I say.  It's the rainy season.  And we've had great rains.  But with rains comes these little critters. Here in Kenya they're called Nairobi Eyes. They should also be called "The Spawn of Satan.".  They're only about a centimeter long, and a millimeter wide,   They don't bite or sting, but their bodily fluids … Continue reading The Plagues of Egy . . .RVA!!!


So Much Fun it Ought to be Illegal

Christmas is always fun.  We do a bunch of different activities as staff, having pot luck suppers, carol sings, Christmas Eve services, lots of cookies passed around, gifts exchanged, and fun had.  Every year for Christmas I get to go to the Wagner family's house for opening presents and lunch.  This year was lots of … Continue reading So Much Fun it Ought to be Illegal