Thanks so much for your prayer support. Without people like you praying for me daily, I wouldn’t be in Kenya. Some of you have asked how you can support me financially, so here are some details.

1) If you want to send financial support to me, either one time gifts or monthly support, and receive a charitable tax deduction receipt, please send checks made out to Africa Inland Mission to:

Africa Inland Mission
PO Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA

Mark on the check that it is for my support, and you will receive a tax deductible receipt from the mission. AIM will take out of that money a percentage to cover things like my health insurance, life insurance, housing allowances, furlough funds, home office expenses, etc.

2) You can also donate online for my support with a credit card at AIM’s Online Donor Form. AIM will also send you a tax receipt for donations made online to my support. If you want to give monthly or recurring you can also set this up for those contributions as well.

3) If you aren’t concerned about receiving a tax deduction on your donation and just want to give a gift, such as a Christmas, birthday, or other kinds of gifts, you can mark on the check that it is a personal gift, send it to the above address, and they will deposit the entire amount into my checking account. You won’t receive a tax deduction for giving this kind of a gift.

It might take AIM a couple of weeks to notify me of any gifts that you might give, so if you want, drop me an e-mail at and let me know so that I can thank you.