The Plagues of Egy . . .RVA!!!

What can I say.  It’s the rainy season.  And we’ve had great rains.  But with rains comes these little critters.

Here in Kenya they’re called Nairobi Eyes. They should also be called “The Spawn of Satan.”.  They’re only about a centimeter long, and a millimeter wide,   They don’t bite or sting, but their bodily fluids are corrosive to human flesh, and will cause blisters to break out if you make the mistake of crushing it on your skin.  When you see a bug on you, your first instinct is to squish it.  That’s the wrong thing to do with these little guys, because your skin will develop a large painful rash that takes about a week to go away.  The thing is, if you’re sleeping, you might not even know you’ve crushed one when you rolled over onto it on the bed.   You wake up, wipe that sleepy from your eyes, and then have to wear an eye patch for a week (as one RVA student had to do.)  They are around most every rainy season, however they also seem to be cyclical, and this year happens to be on their cycle, so they are everywhere.  Don’t touch the hand railing by the stairs, there’s Nairobi Eyes all over it.  Check the seat of the toilet before you sit down. That would be a “bummer” if you know what I mean.  😉

Along with the Nairobi Eyes are the grasshoppers.

Thousands of them. I walked down the porch of Titchie Swot, on my way to teach 6th grade Sunday School, and I stopped counting at 150 dead grasshoppers.  And that was in about 30 feet.

But we need the rains.  Many in the community around us are reliant on the rains to water the gardens that provide them food.  Having good rains means food for the next year.  So we’ll take the plagues of Egypt, . . . I mean RVA.

On a personal note, I finally finished my MAR thesis in the beginning of May, and graduated from Evangelical Seminary..  I had decided last April that I should really think about getting a masters degree in teaching.  Since I had been so close to completing my degree through Evangelical I decided I might as well finish that up first.  So after talking with the school, I completed a thesis paper, and they granted my degree.

Now on to the Masters in Education degree. I’m not sure when I’ll begin, but better sooner than later.  I ain’t getting any younger, if you can tell by the grey in my beard.

Hmm, may be I shouldn’t have put information about me in a post about plagues at RVA.  Oh well,.

Here’s some prayer requests:

1)  Pray that the rains being to end.  We’ve gotten really good rains this year, but too much rain is just as much of a problem as not enough rain.

2)  Pray for the Senior class here at RVA.  They’re about 4 weeks away from graduating. Pray that they will take to heart the message of Jesus as they leave RVA and head into the big outside world.

3)  Pray that this masters of education thing will come together for me. It would be great to have a degree to help me be a better teacher and administrator.